Updating to 5.0

What’s new?

New API SDK -> Gini Library

Gini Library for iOS The networking plugin now uses the new API SDK, which has been completely rewritten in Swift, getting rid of Bolts and using only built-in components.

New way to open incoming files

There is a new way to handle incoming documents through the “Open with…/Copy to…” iOS feature. Please refer to the guide page Open with guide.

Breaking Changes

Removed support for iOS 9

In order to use the new API SDK, to improve the codebase and since iOS 9.0 adoption is lower than 1% nowadays, the minimun deployment target is iOS 10.0 now.

Removed GiniClient type

The GiniClient has been removed, using now the new Client type in the new API SDK.

Removed Obj-C support for networking plugin

Now the networking plugin uses the new API SDK, which does not support Obj-C and therefore it’s not compatible.

Removed deprecated code

Old deprecated code in previous versions has been removed, which includes the following: