Event Tracking

In version 3.12.0 we introduced the possibility to track various events which occur during the usage of the Gini Vision Library.

To subscribe to the events you need to implement the EventTracker interface and pass it to the builder when creating a new GiniVision instance.

    .setEventTracker(new MyEventTracker());

In MyEventTracker you can handle the events you are interested in.

class MyEventTracker implements EventTracker {

    public void onCameraScreenEvent(final Event<CameraScreenEvent> event) {
        switch (event.getType()) {
            case TAKE_PICTURE:
                // handle the picture taken event
            case HELP:
                // handle the show help event
            case EXIT:
                // handle the exit event

    public void onOnboardingScreenEvent(final Event<OnboardingScreenEvent> event) {

    public void onAnalysisScreenEvent(final Event<AnalysisScreenEvent> event) {

    public void onReviewScreenEvent(final Event<ReviewScreenEvent> event) {



If you use the Screen API all events will be triggered automatically.

If you use the Component API some events will not be triggered (for ex. events which rely on Activity#onBackPressed()). You can check in the table below whether all the events you are interested in are triggered.

To manually trigger events just call the relevant method of your EventTracker implementation with the required event.


Event types are partitioned into different domains according to the screens that they appear at. Each domain has a number of event types. Some events may supply additional details in a map.

API Domain Event enum value and details map keys Comment Introduced in (updated in)
Screen + Component Onboarding OnboardingScreenEvent.START Onboarding started 3.12.0
Screen + Component Onboarding OnboardingScreenEvent.FINISH User completes onboarding 3.12.0
Screen Camera Screen CameraScreenEvent.EXIT User closes the camera screen 3.12.0
Screen Camera Screen CameraScreenEvent.HELP User taps “Help” on the camera screen 3.12.0
Screen + Component Camera Screen CameraScreenEvent.TAKE_PICTURE User takes a picture 3.12.0
Screen Review Screen ReviewScreenEvent.BACK User goes back from the review screen 3.12.0
Screen + Component Review Screen ReviewScreenEvent.NEXT User advances from the review screen 3.12.0
Screen + Component Review Screen ReviewScreenEvent.UPLOAD_ERROR ReviewScreenEvent.UPLOAD_ERROR_DETAILS_MAP_KEY.MESSAGE ReviewScreenEvent.UPLOAD_ERROR_DETAILS_MAP_KEY.ERROR_OBJECT Upload error in the review screen 3.15.0
Screen Analysis Screen AnalysisScreenEvent.CANCEL User cancels the process during analysis 3.12.0
Screen + Component Analysis Screen AnalysisScreenEvent.ERROR AnalysisScreenEvent.ERROR_DETAILS_MAP_KEY.MESSAGE AnalysisScreenEvent.ERROR_DETAILS_MAP_KEY.ERROR_OBJECT The analysis ended with an error. 3.12.0 (3.15.0)
Screen + Component Analysis Screen AnalysisScreenEvent.RETRY The user decides to retry after an analysis error. 3.12.0

The supported events are listed for each screen in a dedicated enum. You can view these enums in our Javadoc.