Gini Health API Library for iOS

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The Gini Health API Library for iOS encapsulates the Gini Health API to allow you to easily integrate it into your app.

The Gini Health API provides an information extraction service for analyzing health invoices. Specifically, it extracts information such as the document sender or the payment relevant information (amount to pay, IBAN, etc.). In addition it also provides a secure channel for sharing payment related information between clients.

Please, find out how to add payment information extraction (see “payment” compound extraction) capabilities to your app. It also enables your app to create payment requests and retrieve payment providers.


Further documentation with information about how install and integrate it can be found in our website.


  • iOS 12+
  • Xcode 15+


Gini GmbH,


The Gini Health API Library for iOS is licensed under a Private License. See the license for more info.

⚠️ Important: Always make sure to ship all license notices and permissions with your application.