public interface GiniCaptureNetworkApi

Interface specifying network calls which can be performed manually from outside the Gini Captrue SDK (e.g. for sending feedback). *

In order to easily access your implementation pass an instance of it to when creating a instance. You can then get the instance in your app with .


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abstract void deleteGiniUserCredentials()
Delete the anonymous gini user credentials.
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abstract void sendFeedback(@NonNull() Map<String, GiniCaptureSpecificExtraction> extractions, @NonNull() GiniCaptureNetworkCallback<Void, Error> callback)
Call this method with the extractions the user has seen and accepted.
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abstract void setUpdatedCompoundExtractions(@NonNull() Map<String, GiniCaptureCompoundExtraction> compoundExtractions)
This method is called by the Gini Capture Library with the compound extractions (e.g., line items) the user has seen.