Capture Feature

Communication with the Gini Pay API is not part of the Gini Capture SDK in order to allow clients the freedom to use a networking implementation of their own choosing. The quickest way to add networking is to use the Gini Capture Network Library, which you can use by providing GiniCaptureNetworkService and GiniCaptureDefaultNetworkApi to the configuration. There are helper methods which provide minimal configuration for Service and API:

  • getDefaultNetworkService(context: Context, clientId: String, clientSecret: String,
                             emailDomain: String, documentMetadata: DocumentMetadata)
  • getDefaultNetworkApi(service: GiniCaptureDefaultNetworkService)

You may also use the Gini Pay API Library for Android or implement communication with the Gini Pay API yourself.

Pay Feature

The pay feature depends on the Gini Pay API Library, which provides an entry point through Gini class. The Gini class can be built either with client credentials (clientId and clientSecret) or with a SessionManager if you have a token. For these two cases there are helper methods:

  • getGiniApi(context: Context, clientId: String, clientSecret: String,
               emailDomain: String)
  • getGiniApi(context: Context, sessionManager: SessionManager)

SessionManager is an interface which you need to implement to send the token.

For more details about Gini see Gini Pay API lib.