Sometimes it is not desirable or not convenient to actively poll for the processing status of documents. The notification API allows to retrieve status changes in a publish/subscribe fashion.

Retrieving Document Change Events for a Client

The status changes of documents which are processed for your application can be received by subscribing a SSE (server sent events) capable client with a valid client bearer token. See Client Authentication. Since the browser implementations of SSE eventsource lacks the capability to submit headers, the bearer header can be replaced with a query parameter. Unfortunately, the eventsource standard does not support authorization directly. That means that the subscription request returns always status code 200. If the authorization fails, a error message is returned in the response body. Once the connection is established, the document status changes are sent by the server as SSE event stream.


The subscription can be done by doing a GET with a valid authorization header on the following URI.



Header Value
Accept text/event-stream
Authorization Client bearer token


Variant for web applications running in a web browser:

curl -H 'Authorization: BEARER <token>' -H 'Accept: text/event-stream'



Status Code Description
200 No meaning, error messages are embedded in body


Error messages are embedded in the response body of the subscription request.

Message Description
auth_required Unauthorized (401). Client must send a valid bearer authorization header
auth_failed Authentification failed, e.g. token is not valid
not_accepted Wrong content type requested


The server sends a stream of events encoded in json. The subscription request returns either some empty lines or a error message.

Key Type Description
documentId string Unique identifier of document as UUID Version 1
status string
Processing status of a document. Possible Values:


 "documentId": "626626a0-749f-11e2-bfd6-000000000000",
 "status": "COMPLETED"